Stacy K. McCleaf

I began tattooing in the early 90's after I left my career in advertising. I caught on quickly and found that with my classic art training, the techniques I had been using for years could be applied to tattooing. I have worked at this craft for over 25 years and I take pride in the knowledge I give 100% of my attention and ability to my clients on their tattoo journey.


I specialize in large scale Japanese (Horimono and Irezumi) and Eastern themes, but any collaboration with a client is welcome.  I also love doing  Bio-Mech, Portraits, New Skool and Dark Side style tattoos.


I enjoy having a creative environment in my studio and allowing my clients to work directly with me, discussing thier ideas and getting their feedback, allowing us to brainstorm and to really make their work speak of them. I feel it allows for a much easier process especially when it comes to large custom work. I'm available for consultations either in person by email, or phone.


I am one of the most decorated tattoo artists in Central Pennyslvania. My work draws clients locally, from across the U.S. as well as from Canada, Europe and South America. I am the only female tattoo artist on the East coast that offers Tebori (traditional Japanese tattooing) as well as Horimono work.  My clients and their work have been featured in some of the top 10 Tattoo magazines in the world; "Rebel Ink", "Tattoo Planet", "International Tattoo Art", "Skin Art", "Skin & Ink", "Body Talk", "Inked", "Tattoos For Women" and many more. As well as being captured for some of the more well known Asian Tattoo Magazines.


Styles Of Tattoos I DO: Japanese, Custom, Black and Gray, Portraits, Neo-Traditional, New School


Styles Of Tattoos I DO NOT DO: Celtic, Western Tribal, Native American, Logos, Fantasy


The reason I make this statement is that I feel it's important for clients to seek out an artist that's right for them and the tattoo they want, not just someone who has the right price or who's willing to do whatever for a quick buck. 


My mission is to inspire my clients as much as they inspire me. I would like to think my job is to give 100% of myself to my clients.  If I see a client that might be making the wrong decision in getting a tattoo I will speak up, I feel it's my obligation to do so. A successful tattoo that someone wears for a lifetime is more than just a bunch of lines; it should speak volumes about who that person is. The symbolism behind each element is important and the iconology plays a very important part of wearing a tattoo.


I'm very fortunate to have serious people collecting serious tattoo work.

More about Stacy

Stacy's background starts at the Pennsylvania College of Art in Lancaster, PA. where she earned a degree in Communication Design. After having a successful career in Advertising, Stacy found herself interested in another medium of art; The ancient art of tattooing. Tattooing is an art that Stacy takes very seriously. It is a huge commitment for a client to trust her and her skills, so it's not just something she does on the side but has been a commitment of hers for the past 16yrs.Stacy does primarily custom work for her clients, specializing in Japanese and Eastern themes, cultures she has been studying and intrigues by since childhood. She's been able to change people's minds about how a tattoo has to look. The possibilities are endless and Stacy believes a tattoo is only limited by the imagination. So with the right concept, design, size and execution her clients aren't limited to what they see on walls. It's no longer the days of the blue blob, or something that you're picking out from flash. It can be something that tells a story about your life.Tattoos are an art form that stays with you forever and so it should speak from your very soul. This is one of the things that makes Stacy stand out from all the rest. She realized from the very beginning that this was a powerful responsibility and her clients would be living with their choice and her art forever.When Stacy opened Chrome Gardens in 1994 she knew that she wanted to open a studio that had a pleasant, positive atmosphere where people could come in and know that their artist was giving them their all in a clean, professional environment. For Stacy her intentions had to be about the art itself and the meaning behind all of it, or it wasn't worth it. With every client Stacy tattoos she gives them 100% and it shows in her beautiful pieces of art. Her work is an expression of her clients, and sometimes even more.Her custom work has been featured in tons of industry magazines, it's won awards up and down the East Coast. She continues to strive to learn more about Eastern cultures, mythology and the ideology of that part of the world to bring her art closer to perfection. She enjoys the challenge of each new concept and bringing it to reality on skin.

Chrome Gardens, Award-Winning Custom Tattoos and Professional Body Piercing since 1994, located in historic Gettysburg, PA Specializing in Japanese Tattoos